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Mike Rinder – The Bigot Bigamist

by Taryn Rinder

I have been a Scientologist my whole life. I have grown up with the tenets of this as a guide for living and an applied religious philosophy. In that one takes the truths one learns and applies them to others.

One of the guides I have followed and always grown up with is the book by L.Ron Hubbard called The Way to Happiness. This covers all such precepts from “Do Not Tell Harmful Lies” to “Be Worthy of Trust” to “Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others” and along with that includes treating family and friends with dignity, compassion, truthfulness and also treating others how you would want to be treated.

I follow these and am a very caring person as anyone who knows me will tell you. I have worked for my Church my whole adult life and through this produced many products (I work at the Audio/Visual Center of the Church) which help others to lead better lives. This includes PSAs showing the harmful effects of drugs, full documentaries teaching people what Human Rights are and their importance, the eradication of harmful entities in the world such as Psychiatry’s brutality, etc. etc. I do this day in and day out. I love it and consider I am giving out what I should to the people of the world.

With that in mind, this is who Mike Rinder is.

He deserted my family in 2007. He abused my mother when we saw him in April 2010 causing her to have to undergo extensive medical handlings. He spends every waking hour NOT respecting my religion or beliefs and actively being a bigot towards it. He is not clean and is lazy. He does not work or have a real job. He is part of a Hate Group. He is not divorced, yet lives with a woman the same age as his daughter, I guess he’s a bigamist. He harasses his own mother and family. For his own ends and to prove someone else wrong, not because he cared at all, he tried to muscle his way into my brothers place of work to see him and cause trouble – his own son. He outright and openly lies.

And finally, one of his only statements to me when I saw him after not hearing from him for years, and after attacking not only my religion and it’s leader, but also my very home and place of work, was to assert that “he is more of a Scientologist” than I (Taryn) am.

He is an ANTI-Scientologist by the actions he performs alone. This can not be contended with.

It is black and white who has the right to call themselves a Scientologist and that is me, and I am so proud I am and will continue to be for the rest of my life

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