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Open Letter to Mike Rinder

by Taryn Rinder Mike: As your daughter I naturally would rather not be writing this. But I have no choice given your continued actions against the Church you and my mother raised me in, your constant grandstanding to get attention and my concern for my young sibling and his brother who you and your new […]


Mike Rinder – Unbrotherly Love

by Andrew Rinder Mike Rinder has reached a new low that no one in his family would have ever previously imagined he was capable of. Mike, conspiring with a list of anti-Scientologists and long-term Church attackers, has no shame. Mike fought these very same people for decades in the name of religions freedom. He has […]

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Mike Rinder’s Mother – a Plead

by Barbara Rinder Mike Rinder’s continued enemy actions against our Church, my Church, indicate that he isn’t listening. As his mother, I have done nothing to him to deserve this, no matter what Mike thinks. What he is doing makes my life harder to live. I have never done anything to Mike to make his […]

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Mike Rinder Doesn’t Care About Anyone

by Taryn Rinder I am giving the details about the destructive behavior my father (Mike Rinder) displayed towards my mother (Catherine Rinder). Given that he injured her extensively, I cannot let him get away with this or allow him to justify his actions. In April 2010 I was with my mother and Mike’s brother, Andrew, […]


Mike Rinder, My Father, Is Pompous

by Taryn Rinder You know the kind of person that just won’t include you. They walk by you and you feel like the lesser person. They do not stop to say “hello” or ask “how are you? Anything I can do to help?” They will not acknowledge you for who you are and what matters […]

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Mike Rinder hates his own Family

by Taryn Rinder I am utterly mortified and disgusted to continue to see what Mike Rinder is up to — attempting to stop religious freedom (a human right), something that helps so many people. Mike Rinder hates other people and he hates his whole family and that couldn’t be clearer. Mike doesn’t represent anything I […]

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Mike Rinder Idea of Help

by Taryn Rinder Every good being on earth wants to help people and see them do well. Not my father. He can not even conceive of honest help and the pure personal satisfaction one feels when one truly helps someone. Not one time in my life did he give a hoot about helping me or […]

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Mike Rinder – The Letdown

by Taryn Rinder I grew up in Scientology and around very responsible people who took pride in doing their job and I took pride in my job. In the Sea Organization which he and I were both part of at the time when this particular incident occurred, you are dedicated to the purpose of the […]

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Mike Rinder – Never There

by Taryn Rinder I thought about it, even though Mike never asked about us (his 2 children) once since he deserted us cared if we were ok, the fact that he was gone made no difference in our lives as he was never there for us as kids. He was not there for our birthdays. […]

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Mike Rinder – “Have Faith in Me…”

by Taryn Rinder A little story about Mike Rinder’s un-trustworthy, care about nobody but himself, attitude. I had known Mike was failing at his job and others had to take his load. This was happening repeatedly and is against the mores of any group as others have to suffer for his lack of concentration and […]

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